Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Introduction

In trying to describe what this blog is, I kept coming up with what it is not. This is not a mommy blog. This is not a political blog. It's certainly not a food blog or a dieting blog. It's not really a writing blog, either. This is a blog about me and my creative journey. Because I care deeply about many of the subjects that are covered in all the blogs that this blog is not, I will be writing about them.

A person's creative journey is highly personal so I will not be sharing everything that I go through. Overcoming or even realizing my overwhelming hatred and fear of gazpacho soup isn't something that anybody else really needs to know about. Or maybe they do. I'm not above answering questions if you really, truly want to know why gazpacho soup was the last word I said before I died.

Oh yes, did I mention I love science fiction? And fantasy. And humor.

I don't intend for this blog to be a public diary, though there may be elements of such. I am currently reading and working through a book called The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron and most of my writing, at least at first, will be directed by some of the suggestions and exercises in that book.

I have no intention to humiliate or embarrass with this blog so any information about people who are not me will be shared only with their permission, and that includes my family. Unless I am asked to do so by the person themselves, I will never share anybody's actual name. All friends and family will be referred to by an alias, and one I hope they find complimentary.

Like life, every day on the blog will bring something different. It may be a good recipe and the story surrounding it. It may be a series of pictures I took on an outing in the mountains or the city. It could be a rant about politics, though I'll try and keep those short, sweet and to the point. It may be a meditation on a religious icon or practice that I find fascinating.

In sharing my creative journey, my hope is that I will inspire and motivate. Happy reading!