Sunday, May 13, 2012

Steampunk Sunday: Flowers

Something pretty for this Mother's Day

Honestly, I'm not entirely certain what this is supposed to be but it looks like a bouquet made out of metal and enamel flowers. So lovely. There are several more lovely pieces at the link.

I have a real weakness for Steampunk jewelry. This one is no exception. It's so delicate and lovely. Sigh

I love this polymer clay pendant. And I think I've found another blog to read. I nearly got lost looking at all her craft tutorials!
Steampunk necklace with scissors. I love these!

This reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland! It's so cute!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: Black Vengeance

Black Vengeance

  Adalind had been waiting for this moment for years. It had taken that long to perfect the ritual and she knew she wouldn’t have a second chance at it. Part of her mourned what she’d given up to come to this pass. It would take all the power she had to complete the spell and it would sever the connection she had with her goddess. What she was about to do was against everything her goddess stood for, a perversion of the power she’d been granted with her vows on the day she’d become a woman.
            She considered the last five years of her life a perversion of creation. The inevitable conclusion of the abuse and shame was resting in her belly and it would fuel the ritual she was preparing. Generations would pay for what had been done to her.
            Slowly and with exquisite care, she started drawing the symbols on the floor of the room she’d been locked in since her condition had become known. All the hate and pain she’d experienced in this room coalesced and poured into each line drawn in blood and called to all the powers she’d possessed.
            The spell was time perfectly to end exactly at midnight. As the sun went down, Adalind spared a passing thought for her ability to complete the ritual. It had required fasting for the last week, meditating on everything that had happened and focusing her mind on exactly she wanted to happen.
            At full dark, the door to her tower opened and a cloaked figure entered. Adalind’s hand shook as she continued pouring her power into the symbols she was drawing on the floor. The cloaked figure sat across from her and started drawing her own symbols. The circles joined and the power from the new comer joined Adalind’s. Her hand stopped shaking and she finished her ritual strong, at exactly midnight.
            She could feel every person in the castle who shared blood with the creature in her belly. Her first target was its father. He woke in his bed, gasping for air and clutching at his heart as he felt it stop. His skin shriveled as all of his bodily fluids evaporated. The same thing happened to every male of his line in the castle, with one exception. The life forces coalesced around her, almost solid. There had been a lot more men of this line in the castle than she had suspected; more than a few bastards had been hidden among the servants and guardsmen.
            Adalind added a blood condition for the exception she had left. He would have to feed the men of his line from his own body. She worked the blood into the conditions for breaking the curse, too. Every curse had to have a way to break it to truly take hold. This curse was meant to last for generations.
            As she released the power into the castle, Adalind waited for the change to come over her. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick update

Quick update and an explanation, kind of, for why not a whole lot of posting lately.

There was no Health Journey post this week. Partially because I've been in the middle of a pity party (which I'm trying to get out of) and partially because I have no freaking idea what's going on. I have some health issues outside of the weight I'm trying to lose that I thought I had a handle on. Turns out, maybe not so much. 2 weeks of insomnia, weight gain and mood swings have done a number on what I was working on. Trying to get it back under control but it's been a struggle.

Also, Blogger. This dashboard thing I'm looking at? This is awful. Really. It hurts to use it for any extended amount of time.

I'm working on a Flash Fiction for tomorrow. It should be up around midnight.