Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick update

Quick update and an explanation, kind of, for why not a whole lot of posting lately.

There was no Health Journey post this week. Partially because I've been in the middle of a pity party (which I'm trying to get out of) and partially because I have no freaking idea what's going on. I have some health issues outside of the weight I'm trying to lose that I thought I had a handle on. Turns out, maybe not so much. 2 weeks of insomnia, weight gain and mood swings have done a number on what I was working on. Trying to get it back under control but it's been a struggle.

Also, Blogger. This dashboard thing I'm looking at? This is awful. Really. It hurts to use it for any extended amount of time.

I'm working on a Flash Fiction for tomorrow. It should be up around midnight.

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