Monday, March 4, 2013

The Health Journey: A Mental Health Moment

As some of you may have gathered, February was a rough month for me. Mostly you'll know this because I've been largely absent save for a few stories. I won't go into most of it except to say that I very nearly quit my job and, as punishment I suppose, I'm down to very few hours a week. Yes, I'm looking for another job but that's not really here nor there. I've actually been grateful for the reduced hours because I haven't had to call in sick. I'm narrowing down the list of foods I can eat again because something keeps making me ill and I'm having trouble figuring out what it is. My weight and my emotions are all over the map and that is never good. Coupled with some other disappointing news (it's going to be a year of blood tests again) and I've been pretty down in the dumps lately.

On the plus, side, though, I've had a serious jump in the quality of my writing. They say practice makes perfect and, while the words may come harder some days than others, I've been practicing a lot. With all the things I've been working on, I feel like a rubber band that's being stretched and stretched and stretched. There is going to be an explosion of stuff from me soon and the building potential occasionally makes me jump up and down and dance in the kitchen.

Copper Visions is going to be AWESOME!

I plan to have at least one flash fiction out every Friday for the rest of the year and a PRINTED volume of all of them that should be ready to buy around Christmas.

I've sent one of my flash fictions off to somebody to see if it could work as a script. Heh. Heh heh. Heh.

I'm learning website and design things.

I'm getting back on the yoga horse and I'm going to be doing it even if it hurts. That's what midol is for. I'm getting to my goal weight, dammit, and nothing is going to stop me. Even if downward dog does occasionally make me vomit.

So, there we go. A mental health moment from me. I'm not going to pretend that everything is going to be okay and peachy perfect from here out but oh, there are parts that are looking rosy!

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