Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Energy and Focus - a question.

Such a cute idea, and so cheap and easy to make. 
There are few things that take more energy and focus than starting a new lifestyle, especially when it's drastically different from your old lifestyle. When you're used to grabbing a microwave burrito from the freezer, covering it with cheese and calling it breakfast, making a conscious decision to eat better is work!

I've decided recently to take control of my life as much as I can and that includes getting healthier. While I can't take control over everything (the doctor's still don't know the bleeding hasn't stopped) I can take control over what I eat and how much I exercise.

I'm still writing but I haven't been writing about writing for a while. I was thinking I should start talking about my journey towards better health.

I'm just not sure where I want to write about it.

So, I ask you, my regular readers, do want to read about it on this blog or should I start a new one, complete with pictures and recipes? Let me know it the comments.


  1. Can you keep it on this blog, complete with pictures and recipes or is it easier to have a separate one? I would read it either way but go with what's easiest to maintain for you since you are already juggling a lot. And I LOVE the jars!

    1. I can keep it on here, I just want to know if everybody wants to read it on here or have this as exclusively creative stuff or as a general my life type thing. I love the jars, too :-)

    2. I don't mind either way. I personally like going to a blog that has all sorts of different topics but that could be just me lol. And if you keep it on one blog a person may tune in for the weight loss stuff then see the other topics and go looking at that too. Mind if I steal the jar idea? It's awesome!

    3. Steal away! I made mine out of spaghetti sauce jars and pebbles from the dollar store.

    4. Awesome! Thanks for the tip!