Friday, January 20, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - Introducing Lady Lark

Introducing Lady Lark
The door to the tavern opened and a woman walked through the door. She was not the kind of woman the regular patrons of the bar were used to seeing. Tall for a woman, her waist length hair was almost a blinding white, her green dress embroidered with realistic looking flames and creatures of flames, the string of the bow she carried was made of flame. All this was but a detail to the people looking at her. Instead, they saw her sweet, heart-shaped face and a figure that could make strong men weep.

When she spoke, it was in a throaty voice that made those hearing it think of candle-light caught in a drop of sweat on a lover's shoulder. “I'm looking for a couple elves that came through here a few weeks ago; they were brothers, one was a magic user and the other was a fighter.”

The bartender shifted uncomfortably. “They were here, my lady, but they left the same day they came.”

“Did they indeed?” She smiled at him. “Does anybody know what happened to them?”
The tavern erupted in men clamoring for her attention, telling her their parts in the altercation they all assumed had killed the elves. Their bodies had been thrown out into the streets and one of the temples had come to collect them; they weren't sure which one.

She raised a hand to silence the noise of the tavern. “So, you killed the children and threw their bodies into the street. Thank you, gentlemen, you've told me everything I needed to know.”

“Children?” The bartender asked.

“Adolescents, really, running away from home,” she brought up her bow, an arrow knocked. “You might want to duck but it won't help.”

She let the arrow fly into the wall of spirits behind the bar. The resulting explosion followed her out the door but was stopped by a rainbow colored wall that sprang up behind her. The two men waiting for her outside caught her as she started to sob. “All that alcohol!”


  1. Love it! I was hoping she'd be kicking butt and she did :)

  2. Sad about the alcohol though...sad waste lol

    1. Such a shocking, horrible waste. She was so sad.