Monday, February 13, 2012

The Health Journey, Week 1

This week was one filled with doctor's visits, blood tests, other tests and editing. All in all, it was exhausting just being awake some days and I did have days where I just wanted to order a pizza and go back to bed.

Thankfully, I didn't do that.

Every doctor I saw this week wanted to know what my plan was to get my weight down. Nothing like having to explain, in detail, what your plan is to a bunch of health care professionals to put it all in perspective. They all approved the change in my diet, including my exit strategy when I've achieved the weight I want. My plan for adding exercise was a bit difficult to implement this week but I did expect to have challenges at first. Horrible pain in certain parts of your body will put anybody off wanting to dance.

One of my first goals was cutting out a lot of the sugar from my diet. Now, I'm not going to get rid of all of it, since fruits contain a lot of natural sugars and I'm planning to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but I'm getting rid of as much of the refined sugars as I can. I considered this to be one of the biggest challenges I'm going to face and it has been. I love sugar. I love chocolate. Specifically, I love Reeses and Rolos and Snickers and M&Ms. Obviously, they're off the menu for the foreseeable future. That doesn't stop me from craving them and the cravings get bad sometimes, especially when it's been a rough day.

My solution?

Food substitutions! And occasionally giving in with a lower calorie choice. My solutions for this last week have been crunchy peanut butter on toast with a half cup of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is surprisingly low calorie and the crunchy peanut butter satisfies the urge for something to sink my teeth into and enjoy eating.

So, are you ready for this weeks numbers?

Starting weight: 316.4 lbs
Week 1 weight: 312.8 lbs

Total weight lost: 3.6 lbs

Current pant size: 26

The measurements have not changed significantly since last week, and I don't expect them to for a while.


  1. Yay! I am SO proud of you!!! Way to go! :) Keep up the good work and you'll be in that rock-star dress in no time.

    1. Yes, I am very excited about my progress this week!