Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steampunk Sunday: Steampunk Browser Game

Do you like puzzle games? Do you like browser games? If your answers were 'yes!', today's Steampunk feature will be a real treat.

It's a Steampunk browser game!

Published by ArmorGames, this is a fun little puzzle game that goes by the simple title of Steampunk.
Good guy vs Bad guy. 

It's a puzzle game with a fairly simple premise. Get the good guy to safety and the bad guy into the gears. You earn medals depending on how many clicks it takes you to accomplish these goals and there is a timer. You don't have a time limit but it does affect your score. 

The first level is not terribly difficult.

 When you've accomplished your mission, the good guy will unfold out of his pentagon and you get to see the hero standing triumphant!

I love that little coat!
 The levels where you're trying to throw the villain into the gears are a bit more complicated occasionally. You actually have to have an idea of how physics works and remove blocks accordingly.

If  you treat this like the first one, you'll lose. 
The levels start out pretty easy but become progressively more difficult.

Oh, so the little balls are wood . . .
I love the art and the gameplay for this little browser game. The levels range from easy to downright diabolical and the replayability is actually pretty high. Puzzle games are among my favorite to play and I love browser games because they can be started and put away quickly. This game does not want a long-term commitment but you'll find yourself thinking about how to get through the next level long after you've walked away for the day.


  1. Looks fun to me! :) Might have to give it a shot.

  2. This game have similarity with the graphics of Angry bird and I guess when it comes in game concept they are different.