Monday, February 6, 2012

The Health Journey, Week 0

I have an awards ceremony I attend 
every summer. I'll be posting dresses I 
want to wear there regularly.
Since the only person who actually took the time to voice an opinion has said I should do my health stuff on this blog, rather than start a new one, here we go with the first post.

I'm going to treat this part of the blog a bit like I did during NaNoWriMo. I'm shooting for a goal (pounds and inches lost) and I'll be tracking it on this blog. However, since I'm looking for long tern results rather than short term, I'll be checking in once a week instead of every day.

My plan, as it stands so far, is to take a picture at the beginning of every week. I'm trying the basic Herbalife plan (all my supplies for that arrived last Thursday) and watching portion sizes. On my desk is a set of glass jars, one filled with glass marbles and one empty. They say "Pounds To Go" and "Pounds Gone". I didn't put pounds lost because I have no intention of finding any of them again.

Having done my measurements, I realized that I am very close to an hour glass figure, at least proportionally. I want to keep my proportions the way they are and I have no intention of looking "muscular". I like being curvy and soft, I just want everything to be tighter, smaller and healthier.

Now, in the spirit of keeping the numbers out there and tracking everything, here we go.

Week 0:
Starting weight 316
Starting pant size: 26
Weight lost: 0 lbs 0 oz

Sorry, I'm just not going to share my measurements at this juncture. Maybe when they're a bit smaller.


  1. Congrats! Go you! I'm here to support you however you want! I plan on making my own jars for visual inspiration :) I know you can do this and we can motivate each other :D

    1. I love the jars! I'm so proud of you, too, and I appreciate the motivation. :-) We'll get there

    2. Support is key to losing weight because we can help each when I text and say "I WANT CHOCOLATE" and you say "no, bad Jill." :D