Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Health Journey: Week 4

My last update was Week 3 and that was 2 weeks ago so why is this Week 4? I gave myself a week off. I spent a week throwing up and unable to walk and couldn't make it to the kitchen much less to the scale. I pretty much didn't eat for a week. The next week, I couldn't tell if I was nauseous or starving and I ended up eating more than I felt like I should.

There was pizza, chinese food, pasta, anything that could be considered a comfort food I chowed down. Looking back, I didn't eat much of any  of it but I really felt like a pig there for a while.

I was so scared I undid all the work I'd done that I didn't want to go do my weigh in this week.

Ready for this weeks numbers?

Starting weight: 316.8 lbs
Week 4 weight: 301 lbs

Total weight lost: 15.8 lbs

Pant size: 24

No measurements yet but we're getting closer!

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