Monday, March 19, 2012

The Health Journey: Week 5

Ah, week 5, you are so not my friend! If I was going to give myself a week off or a week of "fudging" it, it would have been this last week. I spent most of it bloated and icky feeling and craving chocolate. A craving I indulged way too much . . . and it showed.


I could blame the people around me for giving me the chocolate but the honest truth is that it's my fault. I know better and I'm a grown adult who can make her own decisions. And I tried to make it harder to get to. Instead of being on the table, I put it in a cookie jar next to the refrigerator. That actually sort of worked because there's some left lol.

The chocolate wasn't the only cause, either. I spent most of 3 days curled up with a heating pad and did nothing physical if I could help it. While that allowed me to make some pretty big strides in my editing job, it did not help with the weight loss goal I'm working towards.

So, this week, I'm sticking to my shakes for breakfast and lunch and I'm watching my calories for dinner. I don't really count calories, I couldn't tell you exactly how many calories I ate today, but I have a calorie range that I'm shooting for and I'm going to try and stay near the bottom of it this week to see if I can't make up for the monthly curse.

So, the numbers:

Starting weight:   316.8 pounds
Week 5 weight:  303 pounds

total weight lost: 13.8 pounds (yes, I did in fact gain 2 pounds this week)

pant size: 24

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