Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fairy Find

Good grief do I have a lot of books. Sadly, not nearly as many as I had 7 years ago. The story of the loss of most of my library is not one that I will relay here. It causes me a lot of grief and anger and I'm just not going to go into it.

As we're moving, I'm going through closets and bookshelves to decide what gets to stay and what gets to go. I've got two boxes of books ready to be traded in for credit at the friendly local bookstore. I've also got a box of clothes ready for Goodwill.

While going through my closet I came upon this dress:

I wore it to an awards dinner 5 years ago and spilled some dessert down the front that the cleaners weren't able to get out. I loved that dress.

As I was folding it up to put it in the goodwill box, I thought to myself, "Fabric like that is so hard to find. It would make great fairy wings." At that thought, I ran to my sewing desk and started pulling out fabric.

Yes, just as I suspected. The colors match perfectly with a fairy costume I'm already making for a friend. I was never going to find another fabric that matched so perfectly. Out of the Goodwill box it came and into the sewing bins.

I love finding fabric in my closet!


  1. that costume the one I think you are talking about?! :D