Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Ebook Release: Tone Deaf

It took a few days long to get out than I had hoped but it's here!

This story has had a long and semi-interesting history. I think I submitted it 20 times? Maybe more. I'd won multiple moderators choice awards and readers choice awards for it on several forums but it just didn't seem to fit easily into a category. I got more personal responses from editors saying they "loved it, but is just doesn't fit with our publication." It was too fantasy for literary magazines and not quite fantasy enough for fantasy magazines.

So, here it is, available for the Kindle.

Tone Deaf: short story. Thirteen years ago, Heather was sent home from the bardic college in disgrace. Now, lives hang in the balance as she once again takes up her music to right the wrongs perpetrated by a despotic warlord.

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