Sunday, December 4, 2011

Steampunk Sunday: Star Wars

 I was planning on doing a post on Steampunk fandom but there was just so much of it out there, I didn't think I could do it justice with just one post. So today's Steampunk Sunday post is Steampunk Star Wars.

R2D2 and C3PO look great all steamed up!
This storm trooper looks a bit worse for wear.
Steampunk Darth Vader and Boba Fett:
a couple of bad asses from the SW universe

Darth Vader working for the Kaiser?
I love the details in this one!
Another R2D2 and this one looks like it started life as a cask of some sort.
A Steampunk Leia? I love it! And no gold bikini, either!

The Death Star as designed by Jules Verne, perhaps? 
A steampunk Tie-fighter as well! 

I also have to send you to this site here. There is so much that is awesome there, I could have stolen the whole post.


  1. Those are really great--well done. I love the look of steampunk. I want to get me some jewelery but they're all so dang expensive. Maybe I;ll just dismantle my clock and a toaster and make my own :)

    Love Star Wars and I had no idea people steampunked it. I;m just starting to get into steampunk so no wonder I know so little.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. There is so much that is awesome in the world of Steampunk! Just wait until I get to the X-Men and Iron Man!

    My sister-in-law has an art degree in metal smithing and has made hints about making me something for my birthday.

  3. I'd never seen that Steampunk Storm Trooper before - great find and a cool collection!

  4. A real fabulous post. Just love it. But I believe the Steamy Side coat of arms on Darth Vader belongs to the Russian Empire, nowadays in use again by the (slightly imperialistic) Russian Federation...