Friday, November 18, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day Seventeen

Whew, this feels like it's been a long day. This is probably because I ended up redoing work that I'd done yesterday. I know it's against the rules (or at least not advised) but I needed to change a scene from yesterday. It works so much better, now.

Very early this morning, I took a break from the novel to write down a couple of ideas I want to get to when this is finished. One of them involves the fate of Aidan. If you bought the book, you know who that is.

Today's stats:
Title: Amaria
Total words written: 28720
Words written today: 2035


  1. Excellent! I can't wait to read about Aidan!

  2. It's that whole editing concept in nanowrimo that causes me to write so SLOWLY. I'm a turtle in this nano race. I'm hanging in there, but of the entire 17-18 days, I've only hit the word count twice. I'm always behind by several hundred words. I second guess myself. I write in hopes to get as near perfect as I can (dumb, huh?). I know that it takes several revisions to get a novel where it needs to be. So why not just let the editor go? I can't.

    If you had to rewrite a scene, it's okay. Something like that would drive me nuts. I'd have to change it as well. I mean, I'll get a spark of an idea and go back and add it in. We need to do what works best for us. Your word count is great! Keep going.

    Isn't nano fun?

    Well, consider yourself stalked! I'll be back.