Sunday, November 27, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty-Seven

I'm taking a break in my writing tonight to make this blog post before I lose track of time and get my numbers from today and tomorrow mixed together.

I'll admit, I kept getting distracted today. The shiny that is the internet has a lot of fun things on it that can keep me from OpenOffice. I found myself stepping away from it to do laundry and dishes, make dinner and get breakfast for tomorrow set up.

As an aside, I'm finding that I can actually eat muesli. The texture of oatmeal is just too gross for me most of the time.

Finally sitting down to write and I'm getting more into the relationship building between my two main characters. I think some of this will be cut out of the final draft but it sure is fun to write people who actually like each other interacting.

If I don't finish NaNoWriMo before I go to bed, I'll probably finish tomorrow.

Today's Stats:
Title: Amaria
Total words written: 45,464
words written today: 2,037

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