Sunday, November 6, 2011

Steampunk Sunday: Hats

When talking Steampunk, you have to include the hats. It's the cherry on the sundae that is a fantastic Steampunk costume and a brilliant way to let your creativity shine. It also makes it easier to pick somebody out in a crowd. A unique hat is sure to stand out!

Look at the little trumpet bell!
I've admitted my corset fetish before which is probably what leads me to this absolutely gorgeous hat. I love the lacing up the front but take a look at all the rest of the detail. There's a lace applique on the vinyl that's wrapped around that velvet top hat. Combining lace with vinyl is something you won't see anywhere else and it's something that is so completely Steampunk, I'm surprised I haven't seen this before now.

I love the lace up hat for men! 
Another hat with lacing on it, this time with a thick silver fabric that just lights it up. I love the vinyl straps that keep the fabric in place. Utility and decoration are a great combination for all things Steampunk.

More lace with vinyl!

A Steampunk bonnet! In vinyl! This hat may be more appropriate for a wild west setting than for a city setting, but it still keeps the spirit of Steampunk and that's what's the most important. Besides, substituting clockwork for a flower is a great way to take a simple piece from period to punk.

Red and copper is becoming one of my favorite combinations.

I have no idea where the tiny hats came from, but I'm loving them! So much detail on such a small canvas gives it such a feeling of opulence, I can't help but feel impressed.


  1. i think the steampunk bonnet is my favorite, but all of these are great!

  2. I love this how do I order one?